The Brotherhood of the Beast Brings Global Tyranny

You can't hide.  You can't run. You're doomed!

The Book

Tomorrow is almost here!

The Brotherhood of the Beast – the elites who ran everything brutally enforced a global tyranny. Freedom was becoming a distant memory. By the time Edward Snowden leaked the NSA spying secrets in 2013, it was already too late for humanity. Even worse, a diabolical plan to exterminate 8 billion people was on schedule.

The Brotherhood of the Beast is about the villains and heroes that set about to save humanity from the greatest of all tyrannies. It is about a possible near-term future that stems directly from our present technological capabilities. So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride. This future is a real possibility. Pray that it does not come to pass!

Life in tomorrow

“We live in the mother of all police states. God help the human race!” “For the thinkers, the adventurers, the creative souls and the spiritual seekers of truth; all hope for humanity has been lost.” “America, in particular, seemed to have lost her mind as terrorism began to spread far and wide across the states. Daily bombings, random sniper shootings and horrendous acts of terror became frequent.” “They educate the young to think with political correctness and the perverted people who enjoy controlling others get their way.”

 “If all goes well humanity will be culled down to a few million people and the elites will keep the benefits bequeathed by centuries of technological progress.” ”The surface of the Earth will once again become natural. Only vegetation, wild animals and small towns will remain.”  

About the author

Dale E. Winther worked at NASA’S Jet Propulsion Laboratory as an expert in computer science. He designed specialized computers for satellites, the Hubble Space Telescope, the Galileo mission to Jupiter, and many other spacecraft that were sent to Mars, Venus, and other points of interest in our solar system.  He has also worked on secret military computer projects, spy satellites and drones. He was granted multiple patents for his inventions in biomedical imaging, telecommunications and industrial control systems. 

As a software and microchip designer, his unique insights into the vulnerabilities that exist in our computer/internet based society led him to write about the consequences of abuse and public apathy. Dale lives in the Sierra foothill community of Coarsegold, California.     

The Brotherhood of the Beast


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A book that will put you on the edge of your seat as the plot to end humanity is revealed!

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